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Wind Simulation System

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Hi welcome to our first new product for 2019 Wind Sim.

If you have not read the article regarding Wind Sim then head on over to the page here and check it out.

If on the other hand you have, Then your here to find out more about it and what it will cost and where to buy it from.

Wind Sim is going live from 18th February 2019 and orders will be live from then onwards we are hoping to send out the kits as quick as possiable but please allow a lead time of two weeks but this just to insure we get the kit packed and sent within that time period you will be notified when it ships.

Price :- TBC***

Interested in knowing more and what’s compatible or would like to pre-order, Then drop us an email below.

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***you will not be asked to email us for a price, What you see on site is what you will pay for the kits only.***

**Postage is not included,  Options will be added soon once we know the final weight and whom we will be using as our courier**.