Monday, February 18, 2019
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Updates to Website

Hi everyone


Thought i would post a short post regarding whats going on, well at minute i am revamping the website to be more productive and pleasing to the eye(hopefully!!) so please excuse if things look a little odd or out of place whilst this goes on.



working hard...honest



You will still be able to look through the site and read the reviews.blogs and news so that wont be an issue, nothing will change same address and design just they way it looks and as i’m so busy with work it will be as and when i can get it sorted but please share the site hit a few ads if you can they wont hurt you and helps run the site as i gain income from them.



We are in the middle of organising a very big project as well which is proiving to be time consuming but it will be worth it when we start filming. we also now have a full studio to do the reviews and projects this will be much more better than my previous setup of a go pro,now we have full lighting backdrops and a new 4k camera but as there files are massive and not everyone has it we will be doing filiming for now in full 1080p.

so more details will emerge soon of this new project and for the simulation fans we have a new review coming in that im sure all will love when it arrives as its still in build status at moment.

enjoy the site

ManCave UK

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