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The big build part two

UK Built 3D Printer




So Christmas is out the way and we are into a new year. The big build project is back in full swing albeit a minor delay.

       new work area

So without further hesitation let’s crack on.

Episode two.

we are looking at getting the bed assembled. Once we get that finished the left and right sides can finally be connected to each other.


There was some slight issues with one corner but managed to fit it after a bit of persuasion.

So my thoughts on the build so far.

Did struggle with the T nuts a fair bit due to my hands not working well and feeling is limited at best of times but I’m not one to give up.


                      corner brace

We got through the hardest part of getting the frame put together.

As mentioned in the video, Went ahead and squared up the frame and wasn’t far off so was very happy there.


Black Extrusion and having previous experiences with it trying to be really careful not to scratch it was cumbersome but manageable. If you not seen my other hobby I put a picture here. 

                          Man Cave UK

We have an actual frame to work with, First impressions are really good, The black makes the red petg stand out really well and is supplied by 3D Printz

The big build project


If you not seen the article that was done on the crystal filament by 3d printz then why not check that out afterwards, link here

Also my little video review I did before I got the revamp in the loft.



Extrusion from ooznest is really nice and smooth and no blemishes. 

There Black is really nice and the ends are tapped too, So you can secure the frame nice and tight against the brackets.


 Ooznest Highly recommend, Service is excellent and they go out of there way to help. They helped with the D Bot and got it shipped really quick.

Did have to wait on the stepper motors and Ryan kept me informed till they arrived. well done lads.


D-bot is really nice bit of kit. Found it to be really strong and found no wobble with the 3d printed parts.


Some comments on social media about printed parts is, They don’t like a printer with 3d parts.

why not? let us know your views on this.


Well I think if done correctly with petg or abs it is really strong and stable and you can choose your colours as well.


Yes we could go out and spend more on aluminium parts. Sadly then the cost is going up way over what I would like to pay and achieve.


On the other hand. 3D enthusiasts came to me for one of these and the interests is there. Then yes definitely would look at doing that for sure.


So lets get on with the video. Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did making it, after about a dozen retakes!!



Planning to make Part 3 in two weeks time where we will start adding in the duet wifi and i have printed the case and cover for it. We will talk about placement and also get the steppers installed as well if time is good. 

so until next time happy printing






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