Monday, February 18, 2019


Titan Aero


If Titan Aero is what you’re looking for then look no further than the Titan Aero v6. The all in one kit is small but packs a punch. This beautiful Titan Aero, designed by the guys at E3D-Online. Has got to be the best bit of kit, I have seen around, not only does it perform like a dream but looks sexy too.

Titan Aero
titan aero

First of before we begin,This is not a plug and play kit as there is some wiring involved and please take pictures of your configuration layout on the wiring and baord before pulling out all those cables.

You will also need to either purchase the bracket from e3d-online As you can imagine there is no way the guys could make a housing as to many possibility’s. 


If you want a brilliant housing with plenty of options, then check out a member I know called hang-tight his mount and all the brackets for abl/bltouch and more can be found here Thingiverse mount . So please give the guy a big thumbs up and a tip too. I am sure he will be happy with that as he puts in a lot of work into it and he keeps it updated too.


Creality Titan Aero (V6 & Volcano) Mount + BL Touch/EZABL

So I won’t go into too much detail as the video will hopefully explain it all for you….BUT



Please make sure you are fully confident in doing this project.

Insure you have the correct version 12v or 24v.please check prior to ordering.

If in doubt ASK. We don’t want you to be unhappy or worse break your printer.

Take your time and take pictures of things you’re not sure of so you can back track.



I hope you enjoy the video. It was fun to make, even though I forgot some wordings, but hey its all natural and fun right!! I will be making another video on how things are going soon. There will be plenty of live streaming printing going on and a new series i have up my sleeve very soon

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Also while you are here please check out Inov3D  great community and have helped my find my feet


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