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SimTech Racing Full Carbon Rim

SimTech Racing carbon wheel STR-GT1  



SimTech Racing Full Carbon Rim is nearly here they have been working hard in 2018/19 to bring out there own design of a rim that’s near its completion.

This rim  is not like the ordinary rims that are on the market, as this one is full carbon.

Yes you heard me correctly, not just a wrap but fully moulded throughout.


This in turn makes the rim very light and weighs in at only 300 grams. With this being so light means that the rim will pass the full effects from the osw.


At present this is the only way to actually use the rim. Whether this goes into production for non osw units is another story some other time.


With this being a fully moulded carbon bit of kit, The SimTech carbon wheel or as its known  STR-GT1 Carbon is within a respectable margin on price.


As always sim tech racing likes to keep there costs low as possible. If you are wanting a rim that’s affordable then this could be the one.

So what does this rim offer

As you can see in  video a nice big screen in the centre.


Buttons are also key here and a lot of thought had gone into achieving the right amount and the placement is on par and withing fingers and thumbs reach.


        full carbon rim

The rear of the carbon rim is really nicely done too and the paddles are also full carbon not one bit of plastic apart from the buttons of course.


carbon rim
                      rear of rim


You get the idea by looking at this carbon rim how this is up there in the wish list of rims. the carbon rim will have a nice case as well to keep it in tip top condition when not in use.

The full specs are as follows (subject to change)

  • Hollow Carbon Fiber construction
  • Single USB Connection
  • Advanced composite technology
  • Free software Included
  • High-Quality 4.3″ 480×272 TFT LCD display
  • 17 ultra bright RGB LEDs

This is more for the elite racing drivers in the real world who want everything on there sim training rigs. Pre orders are already been taking for the sim racer at home too, so if you are wanting one and want a nice looking rim then don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Full video review will be happening soon and can’t wait to try it out on the mancaveuk sim rig, till then happy racing.

     Mancave uk 



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