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hydraulic pedal set review

Hydraulic Pedals Review


I have spent some time now with these pedals, Time to give my verdict on whether or not these pedals are good or just plain bad.

Well glad to say they are really good.

surprised at how well these pedals work for such a low price.



sim pedals
Hydraulic brake pedal set

Now I won’t bore you all with stats and tech jargon.  I will explain a little about each pedal as I see them. Hopefully it will make the review a good read and made simple enough for you to understand.


Lets get on with the design aspects.

With most sets like these comes a hefty price tag. This is one of the bad things I see in the industry these days. To get a set of those sexy top end pedals you would require a mortgage to actually get a basic set these days.



Find this effects the majority of sim racing enthusiasts and sometimes puts pressure on them to try and keep up with those drivers who can afford the lavish sets.

What’s different with this set then I hear you ask?

Well for starters. These come in at a reasonable price (please check website for prices) that most could save up for and afford.

Being cheaper than most sets out there, must mean cheaper parts and components ?

Lets look at it this way. Without naming anyone as I don’t believe I should as not really tried other hydraulic sets on the market to compare with. I am of course open to reviewing a set but I think that will be unlikely!!.


The information I got from SimTech racing is this. They have literally stripped back all the fancy stuff and bling that makes some of these sets expensive.

I’m not here to stop you buying those £1500 pedals. Please don’t think I am. Just to give you an option and hopefully save you money in the process.



There never seems to be much to say about this part but the pedal is nice and smooth and feel really great. The pedal length is good and fits my size nine boot nicely. So should not have any issues there. Some can be small and felt those lacked the height I wanted, these are spot on.


This is the most important part of this set. I have always wanted a set with a hydraulic braking system. Again the cost was way out of my league but mostly was not willing to buy a set for that price. Felt they are over priced for what they are.

So does it the brake actually work?

short answer is yes, it does indeed.

Having spent many hours on my rig, training myself to improve my lap times. Where I struggled greatly even though I am consistent driver. My times where lacking some what.

So this is the good bit…drum roll.

Braking  has improved ten fold over my previous braking pedal. I was more confident to leave my braking to the very last second without spinning off or hitting a wall.

Previous sets I seem to struggle at times with braking a lot and couldn’t get consistent enough to be competitive but these seems to be working much better.

Maybe the response times are better and the components used on these are better too.



 These days it seems to be getting less and less and more electronic button or paddle shift controlled.

The clutch is nice and really smooth.

There is a damper on the clutch which gives me that nice feel when it recoils

Does not spring back making a right noise or try to whiplash your left foot.


The recoil is nice and spot on. It comes back smooth and not fast like some do and try to brake your ankle!


Some of the components installed are and could change. 


Cermet Potentiometers

Pressure transducers

Adjustable brake feel via polymer springs (range 1600 psi 180kg brake pressure)

Adjustable brake bite range

OPB CNC aluminum 3 pedal set fully adjustable

CNC 3mm black Anodized frame

*Ethernet connection or usb (optional)


The set I have here is not the full and final version. These are more a testing kit where I can evaluate them and see whether or not something needs tweaking or something better to add.

Not that there is at moment as feel they are working well.

Even though these are top of the line components, Sim tech racing always wants to bring the best they can at a affordable  price.


By time this review is out, All orders will be having the newer components installed.

So rest assured, you will get top end components.

Get your orders in, I highly recommend these sets to anyone considering an upgrade.

These pedals have been tested by SimTech racing and me for many months before this review was out.



ManCave UK Final thoughts


Coming from many different pedal sets over the years, Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec and Huesinkveld, I think I have a broad idea and experience on how well these work against my previous ones I’ve used. 

  • For the price these are bang for buck.
  • Will run quite happily for hours on end 
  • Give you that brilliant feeling from the brake and accuracy and the smoothness from the acceleration and the clutch pedal.
  • They don’t look as impressive as some do but does that really matter to much, Are you really buying those just so it look sexy on your rig or buying them to do the job at hand.
  • Doubt I would look elsewhere if I’m honest. There needs to be a set out there to change my mind.
  • Has the best components that are reliable and are solid.
  • have been told these do look sexy and I agree they do.
  • SimTech racing pedals are well worth spending your hard earned cash.
  • They are even on par with the Huesinkveld pros price range.
  • Affordable to many sim racing enthusiast out there .
  • Feedback I have had has been positive and even love the price too.
  • must say a few have been sold and not heard of any bad reviews yet.


To some it all up, These are a set that has the hydraulic braking system without the bells and whistles.


***This set I am using is not the final version* there is some new upgraded parts to be applied but these make the kit even more better and more responsive than ever before.***

interested in mancave uk reviewing sim gear products then please get in touch.

 happy to be of service and provide the community with an honest review.




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