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Hydraulic Pedal Kit V2 closed System




Have you read my previous review of the hydraulic pedals last year (link here) you know I really enjoyed them and not once did they let me down.

Before you say what was wrong with the set I had, short answer nothing at all.

sim pedals
  Hydraulic pedal set V1

They ran perfectly well and were very good but like anything out there just some minor improvements on the casing and taking away what’s not really needed.

After a lot of research SimTech Racing decided to alter the Hydraulic System.

Now with the new set comes some changes that I think are really good and definitely different.

Going along the same moto SimTech Racing uses.

Making there products at reasonable prices, Taking off all the bling that’s not really needed. It just adds on the bulk of the cost but keeping the standards high using excellent parts.

Unless you like it then I’m sure simtechracing would be happy to add them at a additional cost.

Now I was lucky to be allowed in the factory to see how the pedals are made and must say the work involved definitely a lot more than we think and

all just hit the buy button and don’t think much more of it.

Making theses pedals by hand is something of beauty that I watched happen.

First off.

The old pedals where stripped down for inspection and after nearly a year barely any wear or tear.

This just proves the quality and excellent build design was true to there word.

Secondly. We take a look at the housing.

After a brief talk on this new housing, The design has been improved on its predecessor mostly the look and feel.

There now using a new form of powder coating and the name is called

Diamond Black.

                   Diamond Black housing

The texture alone is really nice and definitely improves the look and gives it that wow factor even more.

The spot welding on this new design is gone and the pedal supports seem seemless to.

Sticking with the same pedals from opb.

Definitely surprised they replaced mine with a new set. Just to make it a completely new piece of kit, Even tho the old pair was perfectly ok.

           hydraulic opb brake

Once the pedals got unwrapped and layed out, it was time to see how the pipe work is done.

Now this part was really interesting to see done, most out there use tools off ebay to do the job. There not great, As this is all done in a factory where tools for everything is at hand.

Quite an impressive bit of kit to watch how this part was done. Simtech explained to me that reasons some pedals leak is actaully down to this procedure not being done right without the proper tools at hand.

Then the bending began and the fitment was done, getting those pipes to bend like that was something I couldn’t do myself but here at there factory it makes things very easy.

Then came the filling up of the brake fluid, surprised as thought they would just use something like vegetable oil but no proper racing brake fluid was going in and the bleeding process was done.

SimTech Racing explain these would leak if tipped upside down and they didn’t, the old version with the pots that really have no benefit apart from looks if tipped would leak out and that’s something they wanted to address and hence the inline system.

Now this needed me to get used to not seeing a pot on there and my brain to say hey this is still a hydraulic brake pedal.

So my time has finished here and was a enjoyable day out, eager to get home and try them out we set off back home.

So now we have them home and read to test these out on the rig, The housing is a little bigger than the previous so have to adjust the plate a little.

This new update’s to the braking you see below is something different and I quite like the look off and a nice addition to these pedals.

So what’s the tubing for?

Well it still has the usual polymer rubber bushings. These can be adjusted to suit with red being strong and black being the softer of the two.

Now when applying pressure now, It will only go so far till it becomes really hard to brake. Thus giving you more immersion on braking pressure along with the hydraulic closed system as well.

So how does it feel.


This one thing I find hard explain to people but I’m a honest guy and will say it how it is.

The first thing is.

The price is still the same and the level of support is always there no matter how small the question or issue is.

They perform as they should and feel even more like a real brake should with the added improvments.

The response is super quick and the installation is straight forward.

, Now if you have a osw by SimTech racing then these like the old ones uses a ethernet cable and connects to the port on back and then you just calibrate in Simi cube and windows.


But don’t panic there is a new alternative for non osw users and can be connected via usb at last.

So the feel and quality is the same as before and what I expect from them too.

They are smooth to use and solid.

No leaks from the pipes

No bending of the case even with the full force off that break pedal.

12 months warranty 


This is a bit of kit that I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a set of new pedals. Priced really well and really affordable considering what’s out there for two or three times as much.


Hop on over to and order yours today.

Until next time happy sim racing.

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