Monday, February 18, 2019
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Formula Truck Championship 2019



After last years excellent truck event, We are back by members demand and this time we are going to include Europe.

This event is open to all members of Mancave UK old and new and who are wanting to enjoy these high powered beasts.

If you are interested in becoming part of this event then head on over to our facebook page.

You should see a post in announcements regarding how to join and to read the rules below.


This is running on the popular sim called Assetto Corsa on pc.

The truck is well kept updated by our resident Modder and good friend Mike Rudland from Assetto Corsa Mod Central link

The tracks are all set and are all from the original game content, see above poster, so no searching for tracks to install.

We welcome all to join us and we only have a few golden rules.

Drive clean (no deliberate ramming)

Respect your fellow drivers

No abusive talking, we know it can get quite dramatic but try to refrain from being personal.

Discord is a must and is mandatory even if you don’t have a mic you can still hear us.

That’s about it .


Happy racing




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