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A little bit about ManCave UK


Hi Welcome to the home of Man Cave UK.

Founded in 2017, I decided to launch the website and FaceBook group after a lot of interest in racing simulation with my rig, see our page on the sim rig for all the tech and hardware I use(coming soon).

I also then added my 3D printing to my list of hobbies. I wanted to make my own products and models and now that has turned into a full-time job printing.

Why ManCave UK. well you can thank my two children for the name. They brought me a sign for my loft saying keep out dads man cave. So in turn Mancave had stuck ever since!!

The aim of ManCave UK is:

To provide the customers of the UK a simple way to have their prototype ideas drawn up from paper to Cad drawings. Our latest cad software Fusion 360 will then be used to design your ideas.

We will do the work from your drawings, then print your design and send the model out to you. If you have a cad design already but don’t own a printer, that’s no problem, we can do that too.

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But this site has more than just 3D Printing, well that true, we also enjoy other hobbies too, When I am not working I love to get the VR headset on and jump in the Simulation rig and enjoy some racing events, if you enjoy motor sport simulation then head [here]

I see you have art too, yes we are branching out into airbrushing 3D models soon. So keep eye out for that as that’s still a work in progress.

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So feel free to look around the website and don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter(coming shortly) keeping you up to date on new products and competitions.

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