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3D Printz ltd Review

So recently I got introduced to 3D Printz to do some reviews on there filament, but before we get onto heres a little bit about 3DPrintz.

About 3D Printz

3D Printz is based in Shropshire, United Kingdom. It was founded by three, 3D print enthusiasts who spend more time tinkering and playing with 3D printers than is healthy.

Between them they have decades of experience in quality and manufacturing also in information, technology and business.

3D Printz Ltd  say’s there goal is to provide the best customer service, with the very best products at the most competitive prices.

There website is very neatly done, It is very easy and simple to use. Why not check out 3D Printz website and tell me what you think!

My Thoughts

Lets get down to business, this will be a short article about the 3D Printz red crystal pla. When you scroll down you will see a video about the filament and the model i printed.

I was recommended by my friend William at INOV3D . William mentioned that 3Dprintz crystal Pla is something to die for… well I wanted to see for myself if this could be true. So I decided to purchase not one but three spools of the crystal pla, i wasn’t being greedy (haha!) I wanted to see how there colour the range of the crystal filament was.

red Crystal PLA
Red Crystal PLA

I received my parcel of 3 spools of red, green and blue in a good well packaged box. Upon first opening the parcel the boxing was actually a nice surprise.

You can tell they have spent some money-getting the logo and design right and this is a good start for me. Upon opening the PLA the spools are air tight really well, as you can see from the photo below.

From my inspection, it was tightly put onto the reel but not to tight to cause any issues. Measured the thickness with my calipers in three spots and their within their range of there quoted tolerance of 0.03mm. How beautiful is the red though? “So shinny, so bright”

So then came the decision on what to print with the crystal red pla filament from 3D PRINTZ LTD.


I didn’t want to do the same old “lets do a vase”. Instead I thought let’s go big and true to my word I surely did, check the photos below

Here are few photos of the Warhammer that i was printing on my Creality Ender 3. You can tell by looking at the picture that it is printing very good, keep reading/watching and you can see the final result!.

Statue is measured at 188mm tall, so it’s a fairly good size to review this Crystal red pla with and give me a good idea on how it was.

Found on Thingiverse
Warhammer 40k trooper

Video Review

Few photos of the Warhammer statute I did, just in-case you don’t want to hear my manly voice, if you like this model it can be downloaded for free from HERE

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