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Hello ManCave UK here. How is everyone out there on the big wide web. Its been a while since I been able to get on the website and write something.

Its been a busy few months with being laid up having to go through CTS Decompression surgery on my hands. so I could actually type and do normal things in life.

I needed to type something out before I vanish into the darkness and be forgotten about!!.

Luckily the left hand is not as bad as my right, but we are on the road to recovery to say the least.

So this gave me time to look at things. See what I could come up with to try and gain interest in the website and our Facebook group that’s been quite of late.

So what is coming to mancave uk this year.  

The Big news is i am going to be reviewing the new SimuCube 2 direct drive system from SimTechRacing . I managed to sell my simucube 1 direct drive and afford this new model so looking forward to it coming shortly.

The new Bluetooth rim from simtechracing is out and treated myself to that too as it is wireless and wanted to see how this performs.  I have the pleasure of showing this off very soon with the new direct drive.


Cube Controls rim been delayed till end of may due to backlog, they are a very busy company but this will tie in well with the other reviews.


So it will be a jam packed summer full of reviews to read and watch. Hopefully might get some more from other companies if im lucky.

We also have the big move coming to the man cave uk HQ.

After a lot of planning and measuring and designing with the company that are doing the building work, We are getting a new home for the rig and to do my reviews.

The new cabin will be more brighter and a better environment. The building work starts on the 15th may.

The loft space is now our 3D printing working area and make things on the work bench and more space to do my airbrushing. There will be some good videos from here soon to… i hope.

       work area and 3d printing station


The 3D printing side has been busy to say the least non stop printing and repairing has been done.

I hope to do some more stuff with this hobby now i’m on the mend. 

my mind state has not been great over the last few months but im trying to get motivated , so watch this space for some new things.

Which brings me onto the next update being the big build 3D printer project.

Sadly I have let this go a little and feel a bit guilty about it. As a few companies have supported me in this project. Life has thrown a curve ball at me and  my health issues I had no choice to put that on hold.

But I big thank you to Ooznest duet3d  e3d online and 3dprintz for understanding and supporting me through this project, we will finish it I promise.

Fear not it is returning, I have progressed a little way into it as and when my hands and my mood allowed. Filming has not been my strong point of late due to me being a tad ill and no drive to do it.

Photos and writing about it is my better side I feel and will add them to the new article that I am doing now.


So to all out there who thought my project was finished…. well you was wrong, Still here and not going anywhere!!.

New racing events will resume soon i promise. Been a bit quite on that front this year time and life is not on my side at present and I hope that will change soon.

We are going to be focusing on iracing for future racing as it seems the more easier approach. We are looking to starting our own team for events soon and if you are interested then let us know on our usual social media sites.

But don’t panic…

We still do other events/sims if the interest is there and we get enough drivers.

So don’t want to go on and on but things are looking up this summer and I hope you all enjoy what we will have to offer soon.

its not all sim racing, its everything in between too!!

mancave uk


(would like me to do a honest review, have a  article you like me to share, then please get in touch)


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