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Little  information about OPB Ltd and SimTechRacing.

OBP Motorsports are established as a leading design/manufacturer of pedal boxes. hydraulic handbrakes, alloy products and many other motorsport parts. They provide the motorsport industries with everything that is needed to get that car on the track. Whether its Brake Pedal Box Assemblies, Brake Master Cylinders, Brake Bias Valves, St/St Braided Brake Hoses, Hydro / Hydraulic Handbrakes, Aluminium Fuel / Water / Oil Tanks and Pit Equipment. Literally everything you need.

SimTechRacing or STR for short. STR is a small  company that is based in Birmingham. STR have been around a long time, around 10 years in simulation and another 10 years in the motorsport industry itself.

There aim is to achieve quality products at affordable prices. They supply many products to the sim racing community and to the real world drivers too.

They have been supplying pedal kits to the likes of. Ben palmer ‘Mini Challenge’ and Ash Sutton ‘BTCC’ to name a few.

Check out there official sponsorship page. HERE


ben palmer

Ash Sutton with his OPB Pedal kit



Then there is also the everyday sim racing enthusiast like me. Who also owns a set of these lovley pedals.

you can check out the review HERE.


So what’s this article about then..

Well OPB have now partnered with SimTechRacing to now help produce the hydraulic pedal kits.


Why is this happening?

As STR is a small company and only a couple members of staff. There work load has now became really busy and too much on there own. STR want to insure the orders are being met on time and there quality is still of the highest standards. This is where OPB comes into play. They will insure the orders are met on time. They have a good team that can manufacture the pedal kits on a daily basis and quality control is met.


We would like to welcome OPB as our partners and look forward to working together

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