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Hello ManCave UK here. How is everyone out there on the big wide web. Its been a while since I been able to get on the website and write something.

Its been a busy few months with being laid up having to go through CTS Decompression surgery on my hands. so I could actually type and do normal things in life.

I needed to type something out before I vanish into the darkness and be forgotten about!!.

Luckily the left hand is not as bad as my right, but we are on the road to recovery to say the least.

So this gave me time to look at things. See what I could come up with to try and gain interest in the website and our Facebook group that’s been quite of late.

So what is coming to mancave uk this year.  





(This will be quite a long on going how to… prob the worlds longest!!)

The 3D printing world has become saturated these days with cloned printers and components which some are good and some can leave disastrous effects.

This leads up to my question numerous times on social media –

“Do all these cheap components and printers come at a cost to the consumer?”.

I am not against printers and components from around the world. There is truly some great things out there but there is some garbage too.

Personally, the old saying “You get what you pay for”. This shouldn’t  be used no matter what the cost. As It should meet the standards, just like our conditions and regulations in the UK and other EU countries.

3D Printers seem to be more frequently made in factories by staff that don’t have time to take care of the job at hand, This mostly due to having to make certain deadlines.

Creality warehouse production 

So the idea came about to make my own 3D printer. The goal is to build a UK supplied  3D Printer all from in the UK.

First off a big thank you to the following suppliers, who helped or sponsored the big build project. With their kind help and support, I couldn’t achieve this project.

So please go check them out.





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Below is the list of all episodes 

  1. Intro Big Build and our sponsors. (completed) youtube
  2. Building the right hand side. (completed) youtube
  3. Starting to assemble the frame.(completed) youtube
  4. installation of duet3d and touch-screen and aluminium plate. (completed, video incoming)
  5. wiring of the duet 3d wifi and expansion board.psu (may/june)
  6. E3d-0nline water cooling system (june)


Episode One

So we are finally getting to start building the right hand side of the big build project!

I initially did have trouble with the square nut’s fitting in the v slot’s, the ones I did order had a rounded edge.

This stopped the nut from sliding into the v slot of the extrusion. Please bear that in mind and don’t make the same mistake I did.

By the end i had to use T nuts instead. These do work, however,  there a little fiddly for my finger’s. These are smaller than my usual ones I have on my simulator rig but they should be ok for everyone else.

The right idler was a bit of a challenge from the start, getting those bearings to line up with the washer in the middle to then feed the hex bolt through was a fiddly task to do.

PETG from 3Dprintz Ltd

It took me several attempts to get it right and I probably did it wrong. The tolerances of the opening’s are very tight and there is no room for adjustments.

If you are short on time be wary of this as it can take up a bit to get done.

Once I finally conquered the idler, the rest was fairly straight forward. I feel there must be a better way to do this that I may have missed but we got there eventually!

idler fits snug onto the extrusion perfect!

Finally the right idler is complete and attached to extrusion ,when you get the knack of doing this for a while, it does become fairly easy to do, so don’t be put off by me and how I struggled with it at beginning.

Now I don’t want to make these articles too long. If there is anything that you would like to see or want to get involved then please send me a message.

Overall the first episode was a challenge but thoroughly enjoyed the process and I overcome some challenges that did try to stop me.

Episode two

New workshop area

T nuts and corner brackets

The big build project is back in full swing albeit a minor delay.

This was due to having a revamp and actually getting setup in the Man Cave at last. After all, that’s the name of my website and my aim is to run and use the cave for all my 3D printing and other hobbies.

So without further hesitation let’s crack on.

We are looking at getting the bed assembled. Once we get that finished the left and right sides can finally be connected to each other.

There was some slight issues with one corner but managed to fit it after a bit of persuasion.

So my thoughts on the build so far. For a minute

We got through the hardest part of getting the frame put together. As mentioned in the video, Went ahead and squared up the frame and wasn’t far off, so was very happy there.

Black Extrusion is wonderful but can be a nightmare too. Having previous experiences with it  trying to be really careful not to scratch it was cumbersome but manageable job.

We have an actual frame to work with, First impressions are really good, The black makes the red PETG stand out really well and is supplied by 3D Printz.

Extrusion from Ooznest is really nice and smooth and no blemishes. There Black is really nice and the ends are tapped too. So you can secure the frame nice and tight against the brackets.

Ooznest Highly recommended Service. They go out of their way to help you with your orders and ideas like with the D Bot they shipped mine really quick. Did have to wait on the stepper motors and Ryan kept me informed till they arrived. well done lads.

     Nicely packed and no a mark on them.

D-bot is really nice bit of kit. Found it to be really strong and found no wobble with the 3D printed parts. Some comments on social media about printed parts is, They don’t like a printer with 3D parts. why not? let us know your views on this.

Well I think, if done correctly with PETG or ABS it is really strong and stable and you can choose your colours as well. Yes we could go out and spend more on aluminium parts. Sadly then the cost is going up way over what I would like to pay and achieve.

So went on to install the parts needed to get the bed onto the frame, using the supplied parts shown in the photo below, We get to make the z axis that connects the bed to the frame. This part was fairly simple to do, it consist of  one bolt two bearings one washer and a nut and a petg spacer.

                                                        bolts and spacers made from 3dprintz ltd petg

Seeing as my spacers where a little on the tight side, I had to get the cordless drill out and just shave the inside a little and then it was good to go.


Some time has past hasn’t it, since we cracked on with the build. Sadly things got in the way like I explained in my what’s happening article HERE

So things have progressed sadly not as I would of liked, I had a vision of doing stage by stage but then my health decided to go down hill and before you knew it months have gone by and nothing got done.

But I have made some progress in between times I felt I could do something and I at least took enough photos to give you all a idea of what’s been done.


                          bed frame mounted

You can see now that I have made up the bed using the z axis mounting brackets. Not sure on the 4 wheeled version and may change those to something else. Also I should of actually added some eccentric nuts so they could be more dialled in but we will carry on and if needs be we can whip those on.

I also decided to add a front extrusion with two more z axis mounts to give it a bit more strength as it felt a little to flimsy.

                          z axis brackets

So now we got that part all done I got the bed base to install. Now I have seen many ways to do this part and my way of thinking was ‘ what can I use to make base sit on with the springs and be adjustable’. Hmmm.. bring on my base brackets.

     bolt washer and springs from ooznest

        what is needed to make one corner


Didn’t want to print some brackets, so thought, I got some spare corner ones and yep they will work…I hope!!.

Fairly chuffed at this idea of mine and gave me a sense of achievement probably not the best but to me it was.

Once I connected them to each corner after I nervously drilled the bed holes in each corner, actually was fairly easy and done in a jiffy.




Now comes the fiddly part. The.. I didn’t quite take into consideration on how to install it. Getting the bed to sit steady on the springs and tighten them down was a mission.

Now remember folks my hands are in a bad way. Not had my hand operation as yet but after some huffing and puffing we got it done.

bed installed side angle

So now came the idea whilst I was working on the bed that I should really look at a third z axis to stabilize the back. Me thinking all this weight from the off centre could potentially cause some issues.

So we ended up printing another z axis bracket. I could of ran the third in series but thought no sod it and brought the expansion board. Least this way I have some over head if I wanted to add things on.




                                3 z axis

So me in my lets get on and not plan the part we should of put the thermal heater on first…hmm. I know what you going to say. Anyway managed to turn the printer upside down and stick the ooznest thermal heater to the bottom of the bed. Mission complete.





So whilst I been resting my hands as they got really bad. Managed to print off the 3D case for the duet3d motherboard and 7 inch touch screen. At this point I didn’t buy the expansion card so will need to make a new design to hold both in same case. Not seen many I like so going to design my own in my fusion 360 program.

But here is the case for the screen and the duet3d wifi board.

            7 inch touchscreen by duet3d

     touch screen mounted and duet3d wifi 

So as you can see I managed to get some way into the build now and I am pleased with my progress. From a person who only used a Wanhao i3 duplicator and a ender 3, managed to build my own 3d printer from scratch…well nearly from scratch!!


So we are now all caught up and ready to hit the next stage. Which is the wiring section.

Now with this part does come the usual warnings of playing with 240volts can seriously damage your health and your house.

I take no responsibility, if you copy me and you end up being charcoaled, so please if in doubt ask a fully qualified electrician because I learnt from experience that being blown back 5 foot is not nice was it Mr ender 3!!.

Luckily I have a good fuse box with rcd units in place.

To Be Continued Shortly, I am working on it updated 15/5/19 !!


Would you like to be part of the big build project, have something to offer or would like to me to review a product. Please get in touch. you can find us on facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube too!!






















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