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SimTechRacing E-Sports Team announcement



SimTechRacing E Sports Racing Team has been in the workings for some time. By now you would of seen some interesting things occurring on ManCaveUK Facebook group.


                    SimTechRacing trucks

So why now and what is going to happen with ManCave UK?

Nothing will ever change with mancave UK. It will stay the same group for all to use and read the latest news, gossip and reviews from all hobbies.

Mancave UK has been mostly about reviews and hobbies more than racing of late and we have been given this opportunity to take on a well known trusted UK Company that supplies us all with simulation gear.

So who are exactly?



                 two of our team drivers

They are a UK simulation company based in Birmingham and supply many sim racing enthusiast and real life drivers across the globe.

They are fairly well known in the motorsport industry and this year they have taken on two new Sponsorships in the real racing world. You may know them, they are the mini challenge driver Ben Palmer and BTCC driver Ash Sutton. Check out there write HERE.

Both use SimTech Racing simulation equipment on there training rigs.

Just recently, SimTech Racing has partnered with OBP Motorsports, the world renowned pedals you see on there site and as you can see below ash Sutton with his too.

     Ash Sutton with his OPB Pedal kit

                            STR and OPB





So if you are in the running for a new rig direct drive including the new version or a set of there pedals then head on over to there website HERE.




SimTechRacing E sports Team

Our aim is to be a fair team, clean racing on our choosen platforms Iracing and to drive to our best abilities in classes that range from Gte, Gt3, Dirt Trucks and more.

We have known STR a good few years now and trust them greatly.

When it comes to simulation products. There experience in the motorsport industry is over 12 years and 10 years in simulation.

We as a team can rest assured, we will get the best advice, setups and training from a well reputable company, who strive to achieve the best they can offer for us. 

Our aim is to be a fair team when it comes to racing on iracing in the gte.gt3.dirt trucks and more.

So we are delighted to announce that we are now officially  a E Sports racing team under the name SimTechRacing.

If you would like to be part of the team then please get in touch HERE and we will process your application for review.


Just a few of our terms to see if this is right for you

  1. Trial period of one month…. This is not a test, but for us to get to know you and vice versa. Also to see how you drive within a group and act as a team player don’t be nervous we are a friendly lot
  2. Discord…This is mandatory as this is how we communicate on servers whilst driving. So please have that installed ready, any problems on how to get running we will be help you.
  3. Banter and fun is fine….  Everyone on team likes a bit of a laugh and giggle but lets be adults and mature about it. Don’t go all personal on someone, this means anything that’s outside of racing. Failure to adhere to this, is a one way ticket out of the team.
  4. Clean Driving and track discipline…We all hate being rammed off by another Race car in public races. We don’t tolerate it here either, so respect your fellow drivers and team mates, A little shunt is racing and happens but not a direct intentonal  hit is not. Failure to adhere puts you on a one race ban.

Full rules and requirements are given upon acceptance to our team.When joining please answer the questions or your application wont be accepted into the team.






SimTechRacing And OPB Annoucement










Little  information about OPB Ltd and SimTechRacing.

OBP Motorsports are established as a leading design/manufacturer of pedal boxes. hydraulic handbrakes, alloy products and many other motorsport parts. They provide the motorsport industries with everything that is needed to get that car on the track. Whether its Brake Pedal Box Assemblies, Brake Master Cylinders, Brake Bias Valves, St/St Braided Brake Hoses, Hydro / Hydraulic Handbrakes, Aluminium Fuel / Water / Oil Tanks and Pit Equipment. Literally everything you need.

SimTechRacing or STR for short. STR is a small  company that is based in Birmingham. STR have been around a long time, around 10 years in simulation and another 10 years in the motorsport industry itself.

There aim is to achieve quality products at affordable prices. They supply many products to the sim racing community and to the real world drivers too.

They have been supplying pedal kits to the likes of. Ben palmer ‘Mini Challenge’ and Ash Sutton ‘BTCC’ to name a few.

Check out there official sponsorship page. HERE


ben palmer

Ash Sutton with his OPB Pedal kit



Then there is also the everyday sim racing enthusiast like me. Who also owns a set of these lovley pedals.

you can check out the review HERE.


So what’s this article about then..

Well OPB have now partnered with SimTechRacing to now help produce the hydraulic pedal kits.


Why is this happening?

As STR is a small company and only a couple members of staff. There work load has now became really busy and too much on there own. STR want to insure the orders are being met on time and there quality is still of the highest standards. This is where OPB comes into play. They will insure the orders are met on time. They have a good team that can manufacture the pedal kits on a daily basis and quality control is met.


We would like to welcome OPB as our partners and look forward to working together

ManCave uk


art of rally – A New Rally Game

Art of rally – A New Rally Game

From the creators of Absolute Drift, FUNSELEKTOR LABS, announced their brand new road-racing game art of rally. According to the developers, it is a “stylized rally experience” in a top-down view, that allows you to focus on the stages without needing pace-notes.​



The game includes features such as:
Progression through the golden years of rally in Career Mode.

30+ iconic rally cars from the 60s, 70s, 80s, Group B and Group S

Completely overhauled handling from the car physics system of Absolute Drift

50 rally stages in Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany

Repairing performance damage between stages

Daily and weekly challenges with leaderboards

An original soundtrack by Tatreal

The game is set to come out on an unspecified date in 2019 on Steam (PC).

Thanks to race department for the article.

art of rally – A New Rally Game

Assetto Corsa Competizione: Marco Massarutto Interview

We sit down with Kunos Simulazioni Co-Founder, Brand & Product Manager Marco Massarutto to talk Assetto Corsa Competizione past, present and future..

At the recent SRO E-Sport GT Series event in Monza, we took the opportunity to spend some time with Marco Massarutto of Kunos Simulazioni and ask him about the Steam Early Access title Assetto Corsa Competizione – the official game of the Blancpain GT Series.

Taking part in a special media event on…

Assetto Corsa Competizione: Marco Massarutto Interview

Codemasters F1 2019 Announcement Trailer

Codemasters F1 2019

Codemasters has published an announcement trailer introducing the next entry in their Formula One game franchise.
If all goes as planned, F1 2019 will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on the 28th of June 2019 during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.
Obviously, F1 2019 will feature all the 2019-spec F1 cars, but will also feature a 2019 regulation car which is specifically designed for the multiplayer mode.
Codemasters are working directly with the F1 organization to come up with the specs and sporting regulations for use in multiplayer and eSports modes.
The car was designed with the help of F1 engineers Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds and will feature a range of livery design options offering the players a new level of personalization.
Besides hinting at some new multiplayer features, there are no further gameplay details revealed, but Codemasters stated they will release more detailed info closer to launch.
Codemasters F1 2019 Announcement


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SimXperience GS-5 G-Seat Review By The Simpit

Recently, SimXperience Racing Simulators proudly announced that they had released the long-awaited and much anticipated GS-5 G-Force Seat.

This GS-5 G-Force Seat is the second generation G-seat produced by SimXperience.

Powered by strong industrial grade electric motors, the GS-5 is the successor to the class-defining GS-4.

Which set’s the original high bar for motion feedback realism. With in-depth refinement and extended durability testing, the GS-5 improves on the GS-4 in every way.

The race-ready performance, comfort for long endurance races, highly detailed vehicle feedback and spectacular good looks. The GS-5 can be integrated into just about any existing sim racing setup.

The GS-5 like all other products in the Sim Xperience Eco-System is compatible with over 40 supported racing titles with flight support planned in the future.

In Shaun video he talks about the technical details of the seat and explains its inner workings before mounting the seat to his existing racing rig for an extensive test session.

As usual, Shaun will end the review with The Good, The not so Good and the Bottom line on the GS5 GSeat by Sim Xperience.

The SimXperience GS-5 G-Seat is available via the SimXperience website HERE for US$ 2999.00. SimXperience has units available for immediate shipment. 


Easy to Integrate Motion Feedback System

Easily bolts to any SimXperience Stage Series Racing Simulator
USB-Ready Plug & Play

Real-time customizable motion profiles can be custom tuned to represent any vehicle with ease!

SimXperience Exclusive SimVibe Technology Compliments Motion With True Physics Based Vibratory / Tactile Feedback (software included)

Compatible Products:
AccuForce Direct Drive Steering Systems

Stage Series Motion Simulator Systems

Buttkicker Mini LFE SE

SimXperience GS-5 G-Seat


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rFactor 2 – Roadmap Update March 2019

rF2 March 2019 Roadmap

Studio 397 published the March 2019 Roadmap Update to bring us up to date on the latest developments for rFactor2.

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Assetto Corsa Competizione Release 7 Deployed

Assetto Corsa Release 7

Kunos Simulazione deployed Release 7 of their Assetto Corsa Competizione Early Acces version.

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Simucube 2


Simucube 2 comes in three models to serve the top-end spectrum of Sim Racing.
Specific models have been designed to provide a platform for the  demanding Sport driver as well as experienced Pro drivers.

For the Hard-core elite drivers and professionals, there is the Ultimate version which which is on a level never experienced in a direct drive system.

All three models are built with ultra high quality direct drive motors with essentially zero torque ripple and magnetic cogging.

Granite Devices have combined high quality encoders, custom drive electronics and CNC machined casings to produce the best reference class Sim Steering system available that all will aspire to.
Hot-swappable wheels, ultra low la tency mode, high dynamic range, and natural signal processing a





Simucube 2 works with most simulator games and provides deep immersion in a realistic authentic environment. It has a dedicated processor for motor control, and another for interfacing to the PC/simulator, the ultra low latency is stable and consistent at all times. With it’s award winning force reconstruction processing, ultra low latency mode and adjustable dynamic filters, the realism is unmatched.


Simucube 2 has been built around a precision modified robotics grade motor, the electronics and software are fused together to form a flawless monolithic design. Everything is optimized to perform at the highest level, and with sub-millisecond latency.

Rigid mechanical coupling of the wheel is the fundamental requirement for direct drive. Simucube 2 is made to meet this requirement, even though it meant redesigning from scratch the Simucube Quick Release™, SQR, has zero backslash adding zero torque artifacts. When locked-in, it equals a solid metal shaft, just as it should.

 Simucube 2 with Simucube Wireless Wheel™ support
Simucube Quick Release™ – both motor and wheel units
 50.8 mm – 70 mm wheel adapter
 Simucube 2 power unit(s*) with euro electrical outlet**
 USB cable for PC connection
Quick start guide
*Simucube 2 Pro has 2 power units
**Euro utility cable(s) are separately in the package and can be replaced with a cable fitting to local utility socket

(click below to see full details if you can not see it)

rF2: Reiza DLC Released!

Reiza DLC Released

Studio 397 have made available the new Reiza Bundle DLC for the simulation.

Developed by Reiza Studios of Automobilista fame, the new ‘Reiza Bundle’ DLC for rFactor 2 is now available to purchase. Containing no less than six vehicles and four unique venues in 10 different layouts, the new pack retails for £16.98 and can be purchased on Steam HERE.

Want to see more…

rF2: Reiza DLC Released!

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