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SimtechRacing Simucube 2 Wireless Rim











SimTechRacing Simucube 2 Wireless Rim

Welcome to the long awaited review of the first Bluetooth rim on the market.

This is one of two of the first new Bluetooth rim for SimuCube 2 Direct Drive system.

The new way of running your rims. If you are lucky enough, like me to own the new direct drive, review HERE.

Now we all know that rims can be a expensive part of simulation rig.

Just check out my review on the glorious Cube Controls Formula Pro rim HERE.

So this is where SimTechRacing have come up with a rim that is fully Bluetooth and wont break the bank as well.

Like always STR always tries to keep the prices low and the quality high.

So we have two rims to have a look at and the first one.

Simucube Wireless Wheel 320

Full size Authentic FIA Motomec 320mm Diameter Wheel. These are a nice rim and well known in the racing world and I have owned one myself for a while now and comes with in a nice black suede covering.

Good amount of APEM Push Buttons, 8 in total. They feel great to push and no clunky feeling when being pushed in.

This model comes with two Rotary Encoders and they are of high quality and definitely engages as they should.

These are all house on a steel plate that is powder coated black.

nicely designed on steel plate

Now I must say the cable management is excellent. No wires are out of place at all. Neatly done and plastic sheathing on all the backs to keep it all looking tidy and neat.

big thumbs up on doing this so well.

A more closer look at the well thought out design.This has no cover plate on back, you got to agree. Its one tidy rim.

so well designed

Also you can see the rear side of the rim. The Bluetooth unit that is connected between the rim and simucube adapter. Which also shows the on/off switch and on other side, a red diode to let you know its connected along with the audio sound beep.

The small case on bottom of the Bluetooth unit, is where the battery pack lives.

The Batteries will last a good two years before they will need replacing. This is because the rim will auto turn off if not used after a period of time. So a big thumbs up there too.

The paddle shifters are of high quality too and are sourced from sim racing machines and made of carbon.

sim racing machine carbom paddles shifters

Quite surprised by these I must say. Really like the feel of them and the solid clunk they produce when pressed definitely spot on with the high end rims I have.

So now we seen the big version of there new Bluetooth rim that is nicely priced at £395.00 exc VAT. I think this is priced correctly and is within most sim racing hobbyist budget.

The rim is simple to connect too. The new SimuCube direct drive took no more than 10 secs to pair up and you are away. All buttons and rotary’s auto set in the software, so no need to redo do your calibrations.

If you dont own the new direct drive then with the Bluetooth kit sold by STR HERE and HERE you can still go wireless.


If you are on a budget and wanting to go wireless and don’t want to spend near thousand pounds then this rim is highly recommended.

This will serve you well for a long time.

Price point I feel is on par and reasonable.

No lag has been seen using this rim on sims I use but mostly iracing and rfactor2.

Long lasting battery life up to two years.

inter change rims on the fly and not worry about setting up each one

 Rims are all neatly hand made.


Next review coming soon on rim number two from

Shortly I be reviewing there new sim rig GTR1 Sim Chassis. Now been added on there site HERE


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