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SimTechRacing E-Sports Team announcement



SimTechRacing E Sports Racing Team has been in the workings for some time. By now you would of seen some interesting things occurring on ManCaveUK Facebook group.


                    SimTechRacing trucks

So why now and what is going to happen with ManCave UK?

Nothing will ever change with mancave UK. It will stay the same group for all to use and read the latest news, gossip and reviews from all hobbies.

Mancave UK has been mostly about reviews and hobbies more than racing of late and we have been given this opportunity to take on a well known trusted UK Company that supplies us all with simulation gear.

So who are exactly?



                 two of our team drivers

They are a UK simulation company based in Birmingham and supply many sim racing enthusiast and real life drivers across the globe.

They are fairly well known in the motorsport industry and this year they have taken on two new Sponsorships in the real racing world. You may know them, they are the mini challenge driver Ben Palmer and BTCC driver Ash Sutton. Check out there write HERE.

Both use SimTech Racing simulation equipment on there training rigs.

Just recently, SimTech Racing has partnered with OBP Motorsports, the world renowned pedals you see on there site and as you can see below ash Sutton with his too.

     Ash Sutton with his OPB Pedal kit

                            STR and OPB





So if you are in the running for a new rig direct drive including the new version or a set of there pedals then head on over to there website HERE.




SimTechRacing E sports Team

Our aim is to be a fair team, clean racing on our choosen platforms Iracing and to drive to our best abilities in classes that range from Gte, Gt3, Dirt Trucks and more.

We have known STR a good few years now and trust them greatly.

When it comes to simulation products. There experience in the motorsport industry is over 12 years and 10 years in simulation.

We as a team can rest assured, we will get the best advice, setups and training from a well reputable company, who strive to achieve the best they can offer for us. 

Our aim is to be a fair team when it comes to racing on iracing in the gte.gt3.dirt trucks and more.

So we are delighted to announce that we are now officially  a E Sports racing team under the name SimTechRacing.

If you would like to be part of the team then please get in touch HERE and we will process your application for review.


Just a few of our terms to see if this is right for you

  1. Trial period of one month…. This is not a test, but for us to get to know you and vice versa. Also to see how you drive within a group and act as a team player don’t be nervous we are a friendly lot
  2. Discord…This is mandatory as this is how we communicate on servers whilst driving. So please have that installed ready, any problems on how to get running we will be help you.
  3. Banter and fun is fine….  Everyone on team likes a bit of a laugh and giggle but lets be adults and mature about it. Don’t go all personal on someone, this means anything that’s outside of racing. Failure to adhere to this, is a one way ticket out of the team.
  4. Clean Driving and track discipline…We all hate being rammed off by another Race car in public races. We don’t tolerate it here either, so respect your fellow drivers and team mates, A little shunt is racing and happens but not a direct intentonal  hit is not. Failure to adhere puts you on a one race ban.

Full rules and requirements are given upon acceptance to our team.When joining please answer the questions or your application wont be accepted into the team.






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